Chronic Ear Infection

Chronic ear infection in a dog

As you can see from this video, large amounts of hair and debris is removed from the horizontal ear canal right next to the ear drum.

This ear had an eight month history of relapsing otitis externa. One of the main reasons for the relapse in this dog was the failure to remove all debris from the ear canal. Debris at the bottom of the horizontal ear canal can act as a focus of infection if it is not removed.

It is not always easy to see the full extent of this with a hand held otoscope and as you can see, by using a video otoscope we can see the full extent of the problem clearly.

This video shows the same after thorough flushing to remove the debris. You can see the slight ulceration and thickening of the skin in the horizontal ear canal. The ear drum is also thickened, particularly the pars flaccida which is the loose part of the ear drum at the top.

The video shows that there appears to be a small hole in the pars tensa as shown by the air bubble that appears. It shows that the air is coming from the middle ear cavity.

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