Understand how we treat serious ear infections with these detailed videos of procedures

It’s important that you understand how we treat ear infections that cause health problems for your pet. From ear mites to chronic ear infection, this section of our website dives deep in to the cause of these problems and shows how they affect the ear of your pet in graphic detail.

By recognising the infections and diseases that are causing your pet to feel distressed and in pain, you are able to see just how important it is for them to see veterinary professionals that specialise in the treatment of these conditions.

We’ve listed our videos below so that you can see first-hand the affects and type of treatment that is required to resolve some common yet complex problems.

Despite these detailed videos, it can be difficult to spot ear diseases simply because they are hidden deep inside the ear. We’ve listed the primary causes and highlighted the symptoms of ear and skin conditions on relevant pages to help you to remain vigilant against them.

If you’ve noticed skin or ear problems in your pet, it’s vital that you contact specialised veterinary professionals before symptoms worsen. To book an appointment with our small animal skin and ear experts, simply call us on 01163 260402 or email us on dgb@dermvet.co.uk.